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Tucked away in the Indian corner near the Himalayas bordering Bhutan and China, Rain in Sahara was born in the sweltering Indian heat in Guwahati, Assam.


Rain in Sahara are an international award-winning activist act who have performed internationally alongside globally renowned artists such as American hip-hop legend Mos Def, Switchfoot, Poets of the Fall, African reggae star Nasseman, and Malawian singer-songwriter Faith Mussa.


Rain in Sahara – as a socially conscious activist act – are highly focused on the climate and ecological emergency and work closely with international organizations such as Transparency International, Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future to leverage and catalyze action and change through music. It tries to resonate with the huge number of young people who are aligning together across the globe to work on issues related to the climate and ecological emergency.


Tucked away in the northeast Indian corner near the Himalayas bordering Bhutan and China, Rain in Sahara fuses a huge and often experimental range of elements and instrumentation such as hip-hop, trap, Indian and western classical music, electronica, rock, reggae, and even Latin music to create their signature sound. Rain in Sahara use their words and music to create engagement, spread awareness, promote dialogue and most importantly spread love for humanity and our planet. Branded as ‘music for change’, Rain in Sahara uses the power of music and performance to bring people together and ignite minds. Their original sound is a reflection of their experiences and understanding of the world.


Rain in Sahara received critical acclaim for their debut music video which picked up several international awards, premiered in the USA and clocked over quarter of a million views across social media channels.They are now in the process of releasing their debut EP under the prowess of renowned UK music producer Justin Hill (former SikTh vocalist and producer).


Aside from performing on radio and television, Rain in Sahara has performed in Europe and at many of the top music festivals in India bringing their original music to tens of thousands of music lovers at festivals such as: NH7 Weekender, Orange Festival (Dambuk), Rongali Festival (Guwahati), and many more. In India, Rain in Sahara has performed alongside many of the top names in the independent music scene.

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